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How to drive operational excellence and process efficiency in metal production?

Process control and quality control in the metals industry – whether it concerns primary metals or special products – are driven by rapid and accurate chemical analysis as well as by structural characterization of metals and alloys. This requires a robust and reliable technology. We provide solutions that can satisfy these demands, streamline production and save time for high-throughput environments such as iron and steel, aluminium, copper, titanium industries and more.

Ferrous metals

How to ensure the best analytical performance from process analysis to quality control?

The ferrous metals industry produces materials for a very wide range of applications in industries from automotive manufacturing to construction, and in the manufacture of advanced specification and high-technology goods. Ferrous metal products are continuously monitored during the manufacturing process to ensure consistent elemental composition and structural characteristics. PANalytical’s flexible and robust Epsilon benchtop XRF spectrometers deliver precise, accurate elemental analysis down to concentrations of just a few ppm.

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Non ferrous metals

How to achieve accurate chemical analysis for a wide range of materials?

The non-ferrous metals industry produces different metals such as aluminium, copper, lead, nickel, tin, titanium and zinc, and their alloys for a very wide range of applications. They are used at automotive manufacturing and construction, in the manufacture of advanced specifications, as high-technology goods for high temperature, corrosion resistance, as well as for high strength-to-weight ratio (e.g. titanium and its alloys).

Precise knowledge of the elemental composition is necessary for cost-effective production and consistency of the final product. PANalytical’s Epsilon 3 range of benchtop instruments provides a fast and reliable solution for these analytical challenges by delivering fast, accurate and precise results without complicated sample preparation.

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Metal coatings

Looking for a way to enhance productivity and reducing waste in coating manufacturing?

Layers of pure metals or alloys are used to enhance certain features of a product (i.e. corrosion-resistance properties). Quality control of those metal coatings requires precise and accurate determination of coating thickness and non-destructive elemental analysis. X-ray fluorescence (XRF) is ideal for this application, as it is a non-destructive, non-contact analytical technique that requires little or no sample preparation. PANalytical’s Epsilon 3 range of XRF spectrometers in combination with Stratos delivers the flexibility and robustness needed to meet the stringent analytical demands and workflow requirements of the metal coatings production environment.

Stratos is a layer thickness and composition analysis software for Epsilon benchtop spectrometers, with Virtual Analyst intelligence that can handle up to 16 layers on the nm-µm thickness range.

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