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Mining and minerals

Accurate and safe quantification of rock and ores

Mining and minerals

How to increase your ore recoveries?

Optimization of mine operation, mine planning and ore processing is mostly driven by the need to reduce energy consumption, increase margins and minimize the impact to the environment and on human society. PANalytical delivers innovative and unique mineral analysis solutions to increase the efficiency of your mining operation. Our robust and reliable elemental analyzers, based on innovative technology, expertise and support, help in all steps of your mining operation from exploration to the analysis of final products.

Specialists in PANalytical’s application competence centers all over the globe provide expertise and support for all existing and new applications and solutions that are needed to improve the efficiency of your mining process.

Exploration of new mineral resources

How to discover new deposits and extend existing mine operations?

PANalytical supplies portable elemental analyzers, Epsilon 1 Mining, for exploration geologists to safely obtain immediate information in the field or mine. Real-time decisions to define geological boundaries and checks of ore compositions can be made directly. Rock chip and core analysis on the drilling rig allows on-the-spot reactions for improved results and more efficient use of your drilling budget.

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Control of mine waste

How to check the environmental impact?

Reusing, recycling and recovering of mine waste are important factors for operating a mining business in a sustainable way and to protect the environment against harmful elements.
Dedicated analytical solutions such as the Epsilon benchtop instruments ensure the compliance with international norms and regulations. The instruments enable the measurement of many trace elements from Na to Am in mine waste.

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